Sunday, July 24, 2005

Racial Profiling

I keep seeing articles and hearing interviews where officials, usually in various Transit Authorities, promise that the random searches carried out by their agents will truly be random, and that the searchers will not utilize any sort of racial profiling. Does this really bother anyone else? Their stated goal is to protect the people from acts of terrorism, and yet, their actions clearly expose their true goal, creating a semblance of protection for the people from terror, while really avoiding the "Civil Libertarians," usually vocal members of the ACLU and other such bothersome organizations. These "Civil Libertarians" care more about their perceived "Civil Liberties" then actual protection of US citizens. They ignore the fact that the Islamic Terror Attacks are being carried out by, surprisingly, Muslims! God help us if they ever gain a legitimate hold on our government, there they will protect the feelings of a highly sensitive few, rather the lives of the rest.


William said...

I disagree from a strategic point of view. Perhaps authorities are profiling, perhaps they aren't, but they should always say it's completely random. This is because the moment someone gets up and says, "we're letting old ladies be", the extremists will find (or imitate) some old lady to do the job for them. Make them know that there's nobody who's getting a freebie through security, or the 95 year-old Mary Sue will turn deadly.

Benton C. Glaze said...

Did I say to announce our profiling tactics to the world? Nay, keep them secert. That's practical, foo'.