Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Couldn't let this go, as it violates basic practical ideology.

Both the recently passed energy & transportation bill are laden with pork and don't really solve anything. That's 300 billion dollars down the drain, and the setting in of a trend for whose indulgence both parties deserve to be voted out of congress. 300 billion going to things like a 500 million dollars for two bridges in Alaska, one to an island of less than 50. Corn museums, bike trails, this amounts to nothing less than congress bribing the people with their own money and solves nothing! This on top of the fact that congress has no right to be indulging in such local projects with federal money. Not to mention the 13$ billion energy bill which consists of a bunch of subsidies to industries we should be curbing, like big oil, but atleast that takes a few steps forward by putting a pittance towards renewables and changing daylight savings.

I say this now and I will say it again, NO PORK. Thus stands the practical policy.


The Big A said...

however much you argue for "no pork", you wont fix it with a policy as such. the people involved(i.e. almost every politician alive)will continue with their actions, since "pork" is tied into being a politician. therefore, the only practical policy is one that punishes such actions or takes away the incentive to make such actions in the first place.

William said...

Veto/term limits/make it taboo. The politicians do it because they think its an acceptable practice. We the taxpayers have to make it clear to them that it is not.

American Patriot said...

Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have.

-- Barry M. Goldwater

Now maybe if more people understood this, and elected politicians that actually read the Constitution and understood what the federal government may and may not do, the pork would be as rare on Capital Hill as it is in a Muslim's freezer.
Pretty much only Ron Paul (R-TX) fits that bill.

Jordan said...

although I agree with the statement to some extent, "pork" is part of politics...it's not exactly easy to prevent...everyone wants to be re-elected and they'll bribe people to do so. so if a practical politician doesn't do this won't it make him less popular? I think that 300 billion is over excessive...however it wouldn't hurt to give at least a LITTLE bit (and I put accentuation on LITTLE).

Benton C. Glaze said...

Emmm, pork.